Atlassian  Hipchat launch

The Bill Lumbergh Campaign

HipChat is that rare thing, a product that does change people’s lives at work. Once they use it, they will never go back to the old ways of working. But HipChat is really unknown and the promise sounds quite unbelievable. How to get people to realize that HipChat is so much better than the old ways of working? And do on a small media and production budget, where getting people to want to spread the word is vital?

The answer: choose a cultural personification of the old way of working and set up HipChat in opposition to that. Convince the actor Gary Cole to reprise his role as Bill Lumbergh, the ultimate stupid boss from the cult movie Office Space. How did we do it? As Gary Cole said “Technology develops so quickly, I liked the idea of Lumbergh colliding with new ideas and being completely baffled."

Team Meeting :90

Team Meeting :30


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