Better Brainstorming

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Our creative innovation services give you a better way to find real insights.

The Brass Better Brainstorm℠ produces fewer, more actionable, ideas, faster. And provides a program to evaluate them, as well as create them.

It works for any challenge, from strategy ideation to new product development.

Here’s the difference between our approach and the usual brainstorm.

Typical brainstorm

  • Lack of preparation: hurried, unfocused
  • Wrong mindset, thinking about work
  • Lack of inspiration: dull, harried boring
  • No focus
  • Lack of technique: “Got any ideas?”
  • A few dominate (are they smart as well as loud?)
  • No use of the peers in the room
  • The Pizza effect – “motivator” that induces sleep
  • Poor use of time – over quickly, with few results
  • Lots of paper and little that’s actionable

Brass Better Brainstorm℠

  • Advanced preparation
  • Make it fun, mind ready to think
  • Inspiration and visual stimulus
  • Focus: The Big Question
  • Thinking techniques
  • Getting the best from everybody
  • Beat the clock and friendly competition
  • Peer review
  • No pizza, lots of sugar
  • Two hours that go by very fast
  • Fewer, better, more actionable ideas

If you want better brainstorming – and to have a lot more fun as well – contact us today.

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Head of Brand, Atlassian

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