Market Research Services

“Most people use research as a drunk uses a lamppost – for support rather than illumination”

- David Ogilvy

We’d define illumination as a real, actionable human insight. An emotional, not just rational, reason to buy that can be leveraged in communication. That’s what makes our market research services different.

We’re specialists in depth qual

The purpose of research is to go beyond public face and into private life. That’s why we very rarely use focus groups – they encourage posturing, playing to an audience.

In contrast, one-on-one depth interviews give us a chance to build rapport and have people open up, much more than they intended to.

A Brass Ideas example

We were hired to evaluate a brand of high-end household cleaning products.

The client, a potential buyer of the brand, wanted to know if there was any untapped value in the brand.

When the respondents in our interviews began to cry, we knew we were onto something.

For buyers of high-end cleaners, the brands and products they used said something about them as a mother. And more critically, told them what their mother would have thought of them. Deep stuff, which we brought out gently. But powerful when leveraged in the right brief and creative work.

Quantitative research

There’s a lot of news in numbers, if you know how to look. Years of experience means we do, from running surveys to sophisticated statistical analysis.

Global research capability

We’ve learned that a lot can go wrong trying to do research internationally. You have to know who to trust and who will give you quality. Through long experience, we do know, in the US, EU and Asia.

If you’ve got a tricky customer insight to find, call our team of bloodhounds, contact us.

“I didn’t need another ad agency. What I needed was a Ninja, who could get a result with no time and for less money.”

Head of Brand, Atlassian

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