Marketing Strategy Services

"Customers don’t want to know the speeds and feeds. They want to know what Apple stands for in the world"

- Steve Jobs

We’ve written many marketing plans – the objectives strategy and tactics of driving demand. We’ve learned that the thing that counts is the big vision – what you stand for in the world?

Our marketing strategy services help you find your story.

What do you stand for?

If you don’t stand for something bigger than the product, then you’re just fighting a feature-to-feature war. If using your product says something bigger about the buyer, you will sell a lot more product.

As Millward Brown, the world’s largest market research firm says: “It’s not what people buy, it’s what they buy into.”

We help make your brand bigger than your product

A brand is an emotional, irrational reason to buy a product or service.

Brands are emotional and taps the brain science that shows we make decisions, including B2B decisions, emotionally.

Code School Marketing Strategy

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“I didn’t need another ad agency. What I needed was a Ninja, who could get a result with no time and for less money.”

Head of Brand, Atlassian

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.