Jerry Gentile, Creative Director


Jerry has won every creative award there is to win. He led Chiat/Day’s creative group for 20 years, through their most successful era ever and served on the board of TBWA.

Jerry’s ultimate goal is to take brands into areas where they never thought they could go. And create a place for them in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Along with making the Energizer Bunny a national icon, helping Sony PlayStation become a brand leader and The Weather Channel must-see television, Jerry’s always enjoyed working on challenger brands, where it is imperative to outsmart your competition rather than to outspend them.

Jerry lives with his partner Sally, their children and what seems like hundreds of dinner guests (Jerry is a fantastic cook, though he would never say that).

A very good golfer, Jerry has somehow contrived to have a losing record against Andrew, a rather poor golfer, over the last 25 years. It drives him nuts.


Core management team:


Onita Mihaly

Head of Client Service


Ben Kunz

Thinking Person's Media Maven

Beth Rostan

Beth Rostan

SVP Strategy

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke


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