Atlassian HipChat Bill Lumbergh campaign

20x the average response to video

Atlassian HipChat’s impossible problem

  • Let down by the big name agency
  • It’s November, they need a new big idea and new creative up by early February
  • Small budget, big expectations for traffic and conversions
  • Tried lots of rational messages  – not working

Brass Ideas big idea

  • Shift away from rational product messages to emotional messages about the buyer
  • If you don’t use HipChat, you’re as clueless as Bill Lumbergh
  • Brand passion point – loathing of endless meetings, email and outdated working methods


  • 12 Million YouTube shares in 90 days
  • 100,000 clicks from a small media budget in one market
  • Created overwhelming demand

“I didn’t need another ad agency. What I needed was a Ninja, who could get a result with no time and for less money.”

Head of Brand, Atlassian

What the birds are saying about our work:


@trevlife @HipChat Your hilarious Bill Lumbergh ads are what sparked my interest & now I'm in love with your product. Well done


@scotthughesweb Bill Lumbergh is back, Um yeah... Never heard of #hipchat until I saw this ad. #effective


@eullman I never skip the @HipChat ads with Office Space's Bill Lumbergh. They're brilliant.

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