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Be different emotionally

The challenge

A Code School challenger brand recently brought us the kind of problem we love: how can we be really, really different? How could they get a completely fresh take and “escape the trap of over-promise?”

The reality

The reality is that claims from code school competitors get more and more outlandish every day. There is a dubious “guarantee of success” arms race that our Client couldn’t – and would not sink to – winning. The answer was to change the game, inspire potential students to buy something that will do them a lot more good than a fake guarantee.

The strategy

Using our creative envisioning and ideation techniques, we reimagined their separate coding, workspace and incubator businesses as one. No longer defined by their rational differences, but connected by their human, emotional commonality. A different and more motivating proposition emerged.

The way forward

Through our journey together, we helped inspire our client to see themselves differently and reimagine the whole business. This created a new powerful, true and differentiating purpose for the brand and create a much deeper and more valuable connection to their customers.

“This was so much better than the other branding agency, it's ****ing unbelievable”

CEO, Code School

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